New Address: Andy Fisher, Private Investigator in Dallas

We’ve recently had a change of address, but don’t worry- you can still count on us for professional and private investigations in Dallas, Texas, along with Fort Worth, Weatherford, and the surrounding area. Please now address your mail to: Andrew Fisher Investigations: Dallas 4347 W. Northwest Hwy, #130-121 Dallas, TX 75220 Please call ahead and […]

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Corporate Espionage and Spying

CNBC Special Crime Inc: Corporate Espionage August 26, 2012 CNBC News’ Crime Inc. recently reported on the billion-dollar criminal enterprise of Corporate Espionage. According to CNBC, corporate spying is an ever-present threat, which can include the co-worker in the next cubicle, or a competing business, or anyone with potential financial gain. Furthermore, companies would be […]

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Four August Days in Death Valley

On August 14, the six citizens of Little Barstow, California- Death Valley’s smallest and traditionally hottest town- awoke to the dread sound of Incoming. Incoming Scirocco, the devil wind, always blows hot and always blows dry. As they prepared to open the town’s only remaining business, a combination gas station and AM/PM Mini-Mart, left in […]

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