Corporate Espionage and Spying

CNBC Special Crime Inc: Corporate Espionage August 26, 2012

CNBC News’ Crime Inc. recently reported on the billion-dollar criminal enterprise of Corporate Espionage. According to CNBC, corporate spying is an ever-present threat, which can include the co-worker in the next cubicle, or a competing business, or anyone with potential financial gain. Furthermore, companies would be wise to assume not if but when they will be spied upon; every company is a potential target for espionage.

This news report explains the potential threat of corporate espionage, including case examples involving Boeing, Coca-Cola, American Superconductor Corporation, and Mary Kay Cosmetics. The FBI explains the size and scope of the problem, and a commercial counter espionage service provider shows some counterespionage equipment manufactured by Research Electronics International (REI).

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According to the FBI, corporate espionage will cost US Companies $13 Billion in 2012. Frank Figliuzzi, FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence, says that corporate espionage is a reality, and the “threat is so significant, and the harm can be so severe, that the FBI has listed it as the second highest priority, second only to countering the next terrorist attack.” In an effort to raise public awareness about the real threat of corporate espionage, the FBI has launched a campaign to inform the public of the potential losses and dangers of not being diligent against corporate espionage. From Fortune 500 corporations to small organizations, the FBI says no one is immune.

Andrew Fisher Investigations Can Help

If a company suspects its offices are bugged, there are commercial security service companies such as Andrew Fisher Investigations that help corporations detect if they are being illegally spied on. These commercial security companies use specialized equipment (the REI OSCOR Green and Pole Camera are shown in the report) to detect and find illicit hidden cameras or microphones. Hiring a counterespionage consultant, or deploying counterespionage equipment internally, is the reality for many companies in today’s cutthroat business environment.