Dallas Fort Worth Background Investigation

We specialize in conducting thorough and discreet Dallas Fort Worth background investigations, sometimes referred to as background checks, to provide employers the information that is so critical to the pre-employment screening and evaluation process.

The goal of a Dallas private investigator with background investigations is to quickly give our clients the means to make a more informed hiring decision, greatly reduce their exposure to liability from employees’ actions, curb their losses from internal theft, avoid discipline problems, and increase overall productivity. When you need to know the truth, a background investigation from Andrew Fisher Investigations will provide you with the answer you need.

Why are Texas background investigations important?

According to the National Retail Merchants Association “employee theft accounts for an estimated 60% to 70% of all retail losses.”

The Insurance Institute of America confirms these figures and says that “65% to 75% of all merchandise losses come from inside stealing by employees.”

Recently, a leader in loss prevention security for business and industry stated that 25% of employees were honest, 25% were thieves and the other 50% were only as honest as management required them to be.

Whether your business is in Financial Services, Property Management, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare or other sectors, in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, or nationwide, we can meet your pre-employment background check needs. Background investigations derive from employer’s fears of a job applicant not being able to perform the job, or performing the job and stealing from the business at the same time. We can help do away with these fears with a thorough and complete background investigation.

Background Screening Services

Andrew Fisher Investigation’s background investigations include verification of the following:

  • Previous Employment History
  • Educational Achievement
  • Criminal Convictions History
  • Credit History
  • Drivers License Records
  • Military Records
  • Immigration Status
  • Workers Compensation Check

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