Domestic Investigations: Cheating Spouses & Child Custody

Andrew Fisher Investigations provides comprehensive domestic and family investigative services, including surveillance for suspected adultery, child custody and premarital evaluations.

Assignments regarding domestic issues are conducted with total respect for our client’s privacy. We are experts in discreet surveillance techniques. The results of surveillance activities often form the foundation for legal proceedings, and can be a tool for out of court settlement. Don’t get in over your head- contact a private investigator in Dallas instead.

Dallas Fort Worth Cheating Spouse Investigation

Is your spouse or significant other unfaithful, having an affair, or acting suspicious and deceitful? Do you know what is happening for certain? Andrew Fisher Investigations can provide you with the answers to these and other domestic investigative issues.

Adultery is a crime of the heart, and can be a disturbing issue to face. With the expertise of Andrew Fisher Investigations you can confidently gather the facts and begin the healing process. When it comes to extramarital affairs or cheating relationships our domestic investigators use our time-tested methods of investigation. We can determine if your spouse is unfaithful and obtain valuable evidence necessary for your legal settlement.

The first step in the evaluation of a potential affair with infidelity, unfaithful, adultery and cheating spouse is to obtain a professional evaluation of your case. Andrew Fisher Investigations provides free consultations in which our professional domestic private investigators listen to your case and make recommendations on how we can help you in discovering, proving, and documenting cases for infidelity, adultery, cheating and unfaithful spouse investigations. When your spouse’s participant is discovered, we supply complete background on the individual which may help with obtaining child custody.

Dallas Fort Worth Child Custody Investigations – Child Abuse and Neglect

Many divorced or single parents have misgivings about the fitness of the other parent. These concerns can range from children expressing reluctance or refusal to go with the other parent for visitation or custody exchanges, to a parent’s abuse of drugs or alcohol. It is often possible for a parent with substance abuse issues, or other character flaws to present themselves as competent to the court, necessitating the need for thorough documentation of their unsuitable lifestyle. Our child custody investigations will help establish allegations of child neglect, child abuse, child endangerment and unsafe living conditions. Our domestic child custody investigations are fully documented and presented in a court ready transcript.

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