Judgment Recovery in Dallas Fort Worth

Actually collecting on a financial judgment can be difficult. Andrew Fisher Investigations can help. Consider these facts about judgment recovery:

  • 91% Of Debtors Have Money In The Bank
  • 88% Can Pay On Your Judgment
  • 79% Own Real Estate
  • 93% Own More Than One Vehicle
  • 79% Have A Corporate History
  • Other Debtors Own Several Real Estate Properties
  • Many Debtors Own Boats
  • Limited Partnerships Conceal Assets
  • A Business In Texas Cannot Protect Inventory Or Accounts Receivable From The Judgment Creditor!

Andrew Fisher Investigations Can Help

Andrew Fisher Investigations specializes in thorough and discreet asset investigations to provide judgment plaintiffs with the information vital to judgment recovery. With over 20 years experience in Dallas Fort Worth financial judgment recovery and collection investigations our understanding of the process and access to nationwide resources is unmatched.

Over the years, our firm has enjoyed the opportunity to perform Dallas Fort Worth financial judgment recovery and collection and Texas asset investigations for clients in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Financial service
  • Manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Retail service
  • Materials supply
  • Property

Our goal is a timely attachment to any and all property found in a financial judgment recovery investigation . Examples of property include:

  • Personal property such as boats and automobiles.
  • Joint ventures, and equity in limited partnerships.
  • Garnishment of bank accounts.

Fast Delivery, Fast Results

Dallas Fort Worth (Ft. Worth) based Andrew Fisher Investigations often needs less than ninety days to complete a judgment collection and asset investigation. Previous write-offs can be added to your bottom line. We provide complete asset reports necessary for the attachment of discovered properties for every case that we investigate.

Contact us today for additional details about our Judgement Collection services- callĀ 682-262-0889.