Skip Traces in Dallas Fort Worth

Find Missing People with Skip Tracing Techniques

Andrew Fisher Investigations provides professional missing persons searches and skip traces for the Dallas Fort Worth area, the State of Texas, and nationwide.

Andrew Fisher Investigations has access to numerous resources, from unofficial channels to the various missing person databases, which enable us to find virtually any missing person. Most skip trace searches are completed within 48 hours. Our skip trace services are thorough and discreet.

What is the difference between a skip trace and a missing person search?

Skip Traces

Generally, Skip tracing finds people who are not in harms way. The most common reason for a skip trace search is to collect a debt or be questioned about a transaction or an event. The phrase “skiptracing” comes from the idea of a person “skipping town”, which usually means they’ve left few clues and vanished from town quickly- usually to escape from paying back money. Andrew Fisher Investigations can get them back.

Missing Person Search

Find an old friend, classmate or military buddy. Locate the current address of a lost or missing relative or bring closure to a difficult adoption search. Locate missing heirs, witnesses or subjects of research. Find the current address, place of employment and other vital information needed.

Contact A Dallas Fort Worth Private Investigator

Whatever your reason for wanting to locate a missing person, Andrew Fisher Investigations can provide you with a professional skip trace or missing persons searches nationwide. We’re proud to be your Fort Worth and Dallas private investigative serviceContact us today for additional details about our skip trace and missing persons services- call now at 682-262-0889.